A private island community

Welcome to Presqu'ile

presquile island

‘Presqu’ile’ is the small island you see in the picture. The island is just over 2 acres in size.  It includes:

The Lodge, swimming pool, docks and tennis courts are used throughout the warmer seasons, as weather permits.  The units operate year-round, with some families in permanent residence, while others come from Montreal and Ottawa and the area around.

We’re connected to the Ontario shore by a causeway to our parking lot and Presqu’ile Road, the short extension from Regional Road 1 which runs along the south shore of the Ottawa river between tiny Treadwell on the west (Ottawa) side and not-much-larger Lefaivre on the east (Montreal) side.  The island is directly across from Chateau Montebello and Montebello Village.

Explore the links on the left  to get a sense of the richness and quiet splendour of the island itself and also of the surrounding farm and woodland areas.

Those of you with GPS devices and those who use Google Earth can visit us electronically on the World Map at 45 38'24.08"N, 74 56'32.21"W. That should put you right in the President's living room!  It's a fascinating place on the Ottawa River and in Canadian history, and now you won't have any trouble finding us.

We've just added a new, full-exercise, year-round gym to the Lodge.  Please have a look.