A private island community

Rental of the Lodge

The Lodge and its facilities are available for rent by 'Friends of Presqu'ile'.  Each rental requires the sponsorship of the renting group by an owner within the Association who takes responsibility for the duration of the rental. 

Inquiries for rental information can be made via


1. Nonexclusive Bedrooms: 
    First night: $100/room/night
    Second and subsequent nights: $75/room/night    
    Weekly: $500/room

2. Exclusive Use:                
    First night: $450 allows exclusive use of Lodge including great hall and kitchen.    
    Subsequent nights: $300    
    Weekly rate: $2000

3. Daytime Use:
    9:00 am -3:pm $250. Maximum 20 people, use of great hall, kitchen & 1  bathroom.

Check in time   3:00pm     Check Out   11:00 am

Bedroom rentals include guests’ shared use of the Great Hall, the Kitchen, and recreational facilities.

Bedroom includes:

Facilities include:

Parking is provided in the Visitors section of the parking area at the main gate.

Rates and times are subject to seasonal adjustments and to negotiation.

Guest Information on Use of Turtle Lodge

Turtle Lodge is an historic structure, constructed by J.R. Booth Jr. around 1930 as a family summer residence. Guests are invited to enjoy the ambiance and comfort of the Lodge and amenities, and are also expected to respect the integrity of the Lodge, its artifacts and other contents, as well as of the lawns, shrubs, flowers and gardens on Lodge Grounds.

In the event you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your stay, please contact your sponsoring owner for assistance.

GENERAL: All use of the Lodge by owners and guests is subject to the Lodge Use Policy, a copy of which is located in the reservation calendar on the east wall of the laundry room (downstairs).Unless other arrangements are made with the booking coordinator, check-in time is 3 p.m., and check-out time is 11 a.m..

FIREPLACE: Firewood is available for the fireplace in the Great Hall (note that the fireplaces in the bedrooms CANNOT be used).

AMENITIES: Guests are free to enjoy the amenities, which include use of swimming pool (when open), tennis courts (proper attire is required and courts must be swept after each use); shuffleboard court; gym (in basement area); access to Lodge Grounds( the portion of the island lying to the west of a notional line running in a northerly direction from the western edge of the causeway towards the main river, and to the west of the condominium units), use of laundry facilities (in lower level); use of kitchen and pantry facilities; barbeques(CAN ONLY BE USED IN PATIO AREA, AND EAST WINDOW FACING CHATEAU MONTEBELLO AND MAIN DOOR MUST BE CLOSED TO AVOID SETTING OFF FIRE ALARM);library; bar; use of Great Room (including pool table and other games)(Please note that where exclusive use of the Great Room has been booked, its use, and that of the kitchen,will only be available to Lodge  guests).

Except to visit an owner or in the company of an owner, guests do not have access to the condominium area within the island, east of the Lodge.

PARKING: Guests are asked to park in the Visitors’ lot (outside the main gate). Parking is not permitted on the Island, but guests are allowed 15 minutes outside the Lodge to unload and load their vehicles.

BEDROOMS: There is sleeping accommodations for three (3) persons in each bedroom. There should be no more than three (3) adults per room. Arrangements can be made with the booking coordinator to accommodate families with children. Sleeping in the Great Hall is not permitted. Bedrooms are cleaned between guest uses, but no daily service is provided (guests may use laundry facilities in basement). Each bedroom is equipped with a circulating fan and a supplementary heater (please ensure that these appliances are turned off when not needed).

SMOKING: Is prohibited in the Lodge and on verandah and balconies.

PETS: Guests are not permitted to bring pets into the Lodge.

NOISE: Out of respect for residents in condominiums, please keep the volume down on stereos, radios, and musical instruments. A QUIET TIME rule applies on the Island from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. During those hours, please keep windows on east wall of Lodge closed to reduce any noise from guests.

CANCELLATION: Two weeks prior notice of cancellation or change is required.